As a species we have just begun to understand what life may exist on other planets or in other solar systems. The fact is there is much that we don’t know even about our oceans on Earth let alone the potential cures and solutions that our rainforests can provide.

Meanwhile humans are poisoning our home on Earth with toxic chemicals that cause cancer and other debilitating diseases. When one looks at the environmental changes today it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Mother Nature is beginning to dish up forces that mankind is ill equipped to deal with.

As if the level of air and water pollutants were not enough contributing to our global toxic burden creating a toxic soup far worse is in store for humanity if we do not take immediate steps or precautions to prevent matters from becoming much worse. Massive floods and super storms over large land masses pose an even greater threat.

The effects of Global Warming are compounding problems beyond what our governments and agencies are willing to admit.  Hence the suppression of the original Special Pentagon Report on Global Warming that was meant to warn our U.S. Government that it needs to take immediate action to reduce the affects of Global Warming. The report stated that terrorism paled by comparison to the threat that Global Warming represents to our national security.


Humans are supposed to be intelligent so let’s be clear, the time has come for people in all countries to unite and to step forward and say “No More”!  We choose government officials with the authority to act in our best interest. However, when they cease to do so then people must demand change and elect officials that will work to protect our planet and humanity.

We must expose those individuals and companies that have pillaged and contaminated our home on Earth in the name of greed and hold them accountable. We must nurture Earth and take good care of it for generations to come.

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