Create Change Now!
"By implementing a strategic plan that unites and empower people, we can save Earth."
Activists Empowerment Steps

1) Sign-up: w/ The Environmental Community

  • Complete Fast Track Application
    (Located on OEOM home page)
  • Follow-up communication contact
  • Send Email To:
    (Allow 48 hours for initial contact)

2) Make Action Commitment: for 90 days

  • Identify Other Key Activists Willing To Work
    (Those willing to take these steps to help us)
  • Talk-Up Joining, The Environmental Community
  • Determine how to best support our movement
  • Review High Priority Projects below each week
  • Track Your Activists (for future use with us)

3) Apply to work on High Priority Projects
   (See list bottom of page, view weekly for changes)

4) Apply for Management positions you qualify for

5) Forward Any Strategic Eco-Contacts To:
   ( and place list in body of email,
   Be sure to place YOUR NAME / KEY REFERALS in
   Subject Line for future reference or credit)

Together we'll save Earth but we must act now!

need u2 trust,
in the fact that we
have a strategic action
plan to deploy both business
and environmental solutions that
will dynamically change everything.
Today, we need to begin uniting ALL
Earth-minded activists to energize
what will become the foundation
of an environmental revolution.
Empower your network now
organize, unite and most
importantly lead them
by taking specific
steps that will
our quest

The Environmental Community
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