One Earth, One Mission will educate, empower and unite people creating
earth-saving networks…
One Earth, One Mission will
create positive change…
In recent years, grassroots organizations have advanced awareness about our declining global ecology. Unfortunately this is not enough. At this point in time if we are to save our planet we must educate, activate and unite all enlightened individuals toward one common goal—saving Earth. Education and empowerment are key ingredients in this environmental revolution.

OEOM, working with other members of The Environmental Community will unite and empower activists. Imagine organizations working in concert to advance education and activism – all designed to create change. With technology to optimize their work and results, the new breed of activists will achieve winning environmental and social goals.

As a key member of a unique green platform OEOM will work in concert with entities like The Environmental Education Center and Earth Media Network to produce “green” pathway classes and green media production. Educators and students will then be empowered to enlighten large groups of people about specific formulas that will have a positive impact on the state of our environment.

In addition, OEOM  will help sponsor numerous eco-job fairs through Eco Job Corps and People-Power providing a variety of green career paths aimed at green employment and actions that will contribute to creating eco-change. At these job fairs OEOM will inform, enlighten, and actively engage participants that are concerned with the future of Earth.

OEOM will work to unite all: environment, animal rights, civil rights, health and other activists toward creating a massive environmental movement. To be considered for one of numerous positions please email your request letter to managing.director@oeom.org.

You will immediately receive a Fast Track Application After we receive your completed application along with your resume (Word or PDF format) we will begin our interview process. We are seeking dedicated individuals that are committed to saving Earth.

One Earth One Mission
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Mission Statement:

Everything on this planet is symbiotically connected-plants, animals, humans and the Earth itself. The purpose of One Earth, One Mission is to facilitate a better understanding of this connection through the presentation and discussion of ecological issues, and to offer courses of action which will best address our ecological concerns of today in order to ensure a healthy tomorrow.

As individuals we care about many different causes, but in our concern for the fate of our children and our Earth, we are united.

We share one home-Earth. It’s our mission to save it.

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